Digital Bonus – An Innovative Banking Service

As part of Digital Money Trends, a webinar series presented by Thierry Henry and Oliver Turner, Digitalprämie Berlin was introduced. This is a joint effort of Thierry Henry and Oliver Turner, the two most influential financial thinkers in Europe. The goal is to apply the latest technology, banking and investing concepts to help European businessmen become more financially capable and thus able to compete with other international businesses. This is done through the use of new digital technologies such as the Digital Bonus.

What is a Digital Bonus? Digital Bonus is a bonus paid to an investor on the basis of his investment in a fund. The digital bonus is calculated according to the percentage of the total investment made by the investor. The most popular online financial markets in Europe are Levera, MT4 and Quicken. There are more financial markets around the world like Tokyo, Singapore, London and others that offer similar financial opportunities.

Why Digital Bonus? In order to be able to understand Digital Bonus, we need to know what a financial contract is for example in case of a loan. A financial contract is an agreement between two parties that promise to pay for goods or services on some future date and at an agreed price. Financial contracts can take different forms, but they always involve two parties with different goals. One party wants to pay for goods and services today while another wants to sell the goods and services at a later date for a profit.

Why Digital Bonus? In order to understand how Digital Bonus works it is important to know how capital funds operate. Capital funds are the money an organization’s owners put into the business in return for shares in the ownership. The more shares an owner has the larger his net worth is likely to be. Thus capital funds provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs to invest in a business that will earn them additional cash flow.

Digital Bonus is an innovative approach to share the wealth by converting regular bonuses into working capital funds. This type of bonus often does not have to be paid until the business starts generating profits from its services. However, most companies choose to pay the bonus when the company has started to generate cash flow and can continue to do so as long as it wants.

In this system, a certain percentage of the regular bonuses are retained by the company for future use. Hence, the company’s performance over time becomes better as it is able to pay out more and bigger profits. If you are an entrepreneur looking to launch your own business in Berlin, Digital Bonus will allow you to get the financial help you need without having to spend too much on starting up costs. It will also offer you the chance to add more creative input into your business. And best of all, the digital bonus is not taxable in Germany.